OkCupid has been disabled

Well my dear readers, the time has come to disable my OkCupid account. After 6 months of interesting, amusing, creepy, and enjoyable first dates, some fun romps, and meeting countless of friends… I am off the market.

Oddly enough, I met my boyfriend through Tinder. He was my second date that I found on Tinder. Funny how those things work huh?

I wasn’t looking to take Tinder seriously, nor was I interested to date anyone from there but somehow him and I just clicked and voila.. here we are.

I will also be disabling my Tinder account shortly.

So what does that mean for my blog? Well, I still have a bunch of first date reviews saved in my drafts. So I’ll be publishing those as time permits. I’ll also probably be posting more about The Poet as time goes by.. He’s just so talented!

Hasta luego..

 - L